One on One with John R. Talbott
Bestselling Investments Author Who Predicted the Economic Crash Now Provides Financial Advice to Individuals by Phone
Finally, Someone Looking Out for Your Interests
"John Talbott's predictions have been spot on."--Newsweek Magazine

"Talbott is an oracle with a track record: His previous books predicted the collapse of both the housing bubble and the tech-stock binge before it."--Bloomberg News

“Talbott is one of only six forecasters in the country that got things right. In 2006, he called the peak in home prices, and then in the beginning of 2012 the trough.”--Wall Street Journal

Tired of Getting Ripped Off by Traditional Stockbrokers?

Wouldn't it be nice if your financial advisor had your interests at heart instead of his own or his bank's?

Tired of a slick salesman trying to sell you investment products you don't need?

Tired of being treated like one of the herd?

Tired of paying financial middlemen more than half of your portfolio profits?

No longer.  Now, you can have a personal One on One telephonic and email conversation and ongoing relationship with a true investing pro and economics guru.

And the cost, not $1,000 an hour like some Wall Street advisors, but only $1,000 a year.  An incredible bargain that will not last as there are only so many clients that John can take on.

Explore the various tabs and webpages on this website and see if you don't agree that this is the right way to go.

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